Summary of TeleVisit Programs & Benefits

Summary of TeleVisit Benefits

Research shows that staying physically, mentally and socially active staves off cognitive decline experienced by older adults, and enables them to live independently longer. TeleVisit provides a convenient way for customers to exercise, interact, connect, socialize, and participate in activities.

Benefits of joining a TeleVisit program:

  • Short exercise videos 2X / day to maintain balance, posture and wellness
  • Maintain mental capabilities through games and socialization
  • Interact with friends & relatives who live in different locations
  • Provide continuity and companionship through changes in life, such as transitioning into an assisted living facility; from active social activity to being home bound for whatever reasons
  • Peace of mind for caregivers because someone is talking to their loved one at least twice a day
  • Up to 40 hours of activities for $15/month