How It Works

1. A host calls each participant at the scheduled time on their regular phones. We take the initiative so that participants who may have mild cognitive impairment or memory issues do not have to worry about remembering when to join an activity. We do not turn on the video camera, which protects their privacy and also enhances honest dialog.

2. The tablet will ring for 2 minutes and invite the participant to join by pressing just one button; that is all she needs to learn. When everyone has joined, the host will introduce the activity and facilitate everyone's participation, ensuring that everyone has a safe and enjoyable experience.

3. Optional courtesy (non emergency) alerts and weekly email reports can be sent to the loved ones, providing them peace of mind.

4. A loved one can call the participant if she has missed sessions.


 TeleVisit Program Features:

  • Daily activity sessions (up to 3 per day) run by a trained TeleVisit facilitator who initiates calls to clients; family members may select programs from a menu of choices
  • Clients need only press a single button on the tablet to join a session
  • Notifications to family members if client does not attend a session, or facilitator believes that client may not be safe
  • Talking picture frame automatically starts and shuts down each day
  • Talking picture frame automatically downloads fresh content when no active activity is in session

Monthly TeleVisit subscription: $15 (requires Internet service and WiFi), $10 more for T-Mobile wireless data plan.


*The Talking picture frames are generic Android devices which have been tested with our software.