Virtual Villages

Partnering with Virtual Villages, Senior Communities & Elder Care Service Providers to Create Virtual Communities using the TeleVisit Platform.

Depending on the virtual villages or organization’s needs and requirements, members of these communities can socially engage /participate by:
1.   Joining TeleVisit’s Existing Programs in a special group that is created specifically for your organisation.
2.   Joining a Customized Program that is co-branded with your organization

Studies have shown that an active physical and social life is an important factor in healthy aging and reducing the risk of cognitive decline and dementia.  Physical limitations and constraints in the aging process may result in a decline in active participation for seniors.

TeleVisit’s programs aim to create virtual communities that enable homebound seniors to continue to remain socially active.  Older adults can continue to be socially active, participating/engaging in daily social interactions and activities from discussions on topics of interest to exercise and stretching sessions, and attending educational “seminars” from the comfort of home.   

Participants in TeleVisit’s pilot program study reported that active participation and being part of the virtual group and programs offered had given them access to social activities, opportunities to make new friends, and a general improvement in a sense of well-being.

Additionally, a similar Caregivers’ virtual community will offer support and social interaction for family members and caregivers.

Please contact us for additional information and to discuss co-branded and customized programs.