Organizational Profile

TeleVisit is a California 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission to is to provide meaning & purpose to isolated elderly adults through facilitated group activities delivered via teleconference and easy to use tablets. 

Older adults connect to each other through their participation in interactive group activities from the convenience and comfort of home.   TeleVisit provides a service and virtual community platform that creates and hosts a variety of "live" programs designed to entertain, engage, inspire and educate -- thus establishing community.


  • To revolutionize how we use technology to enhance the social, physical and cognitive well-being of isolated seniors and to support them, their families and caregivers.


  • To transform the quality of life of seniors through simple-to-use technology and personalized, interactive online programs and activities that educate, entertain, inspire, connect and engage.
  • To dramatically enhance the ability of older adults to stay physically, mentally and socially active by creating and delivering interactive learning, social, entertainment and community-building group activities and programs that can be enjoyed from home.