Caregiver Recharge Program

This program is designed to enable people with dementia/Alzheimer's to engage in fun activities & socialize from the comfort and security of home

While the care recipient is engaged in the scheduled activity, caregivers have the option to dial in to connect to a support group facilitated by an experienced dementia specialist or use that window of program time available for some “me” time to recharge.

Recharge for Care Recipients

Program / Activities for Care Recipient

The program for the care recipients is designed to provide social interaction & activities that are stimulating & fun for folks with dementia.  Studies have shown that maintaining a routine, listening to music, engaging in activities & socializing can all help to improve quality of life for dementia / Alzheimer's patients.   

Sample programming for Care Recipients:

  • Exercise
  • Music and Art designed to soothe and comfort
  • Reading
  • Self expression
  • Poetry
  • Travel Diaries 
  • Matching Games
  • Memory Games
  • Reminisce Sessions 



People with Dementia

  • Improve disposition 
  • Provide meaningful activities
  • Potential to improve cognitive ability and coping skills, slow progression of disease
  • Improve self esteem and confidence


Caregiver (Recharge Program Support Group Participants)

  • Provide respite for caregiver during the session
  • Peace of mind that care recipient is receiving vital social interaction
  • Engagement in support group to discuss issues they are facing, share tips & coping skills
  • Education on effective care-giving for dementia